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Your business isn’t what you hoped it would be?

Kimi Kinsey is the name; Getting you unstuck is the game

Business should be fun.

With this philosophy in mind, I help you take your ideas and put them into an actual business strategy that makes sense for you. One that…

  • Doesn’t feel complicated – like you could actually set and achieve goals.
  • Plays to your strengths and passions so this doesn’t feel like such an uphill, miserable battle.
  • Allows you to make money your way – not feeling like you gotta do it the way everyone else says you should.

Why? Because you’re a human being… and you’re in business because you wanted to do something fun and different.


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Low Effort Pivot
I’m speaking from experience because…

Confession Time:
My business used to be a mess

I was so stuck on this idea that business had to be done a certain way – that there was only one successful way to sell, or that to grow you had to follow some secret sauce recipe that other successful business owners were charging thousands of dollars for.

But guess what I learned?

There’s more than one sauce recipe, and it’s about finding the one you actually like.


Let's Make Some Quick Moves

You know deep in your heart that being an entrepreneur is for you. You love the idea of being your own boss, making the rules, setting you own limits, and not having to ask someone to cover for you at work so that you can go pee.

But let’s be real here, k? Business is a long game, and you don’t have time to waste trying to piece together a strategy that will work for you. It’s not one size fits all, and you need up to date information – stuff that actually works that you can implement immediately.

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How to Evaluate Your Business Plan
Evaluating your business plan so that you can refine your business model is key to growing your business and preventing burn out.
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Before you take action… before you hire someone to design logos… before you do anything at all… What’s the game plan?

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