Hosting a big event is scary because you're worried about being disorganized and looking stupid.

I know all about that. It used to scare me too… because it’s just little me running my business, and I don’t have a team of people helping me. I had to be responsible for the whole show – including collecting information from those I was wanting to collaborate with, and keeping that info correct in my mind.
Hey, it’s scary… and you don’t have to feel ashamed of the fact that you’ve been putting off hosting an event like this. It’s a lot or work, and organization is the key to hosting a collab that goes smoothly.

Here's what you'll learn about:

Airtable forms
How to use the forms feature in Airtable to create sortable databases so you can keep track of your potential collaborators every step of the way.
Automated emails
Work smarter, not harder by learning how to use automation to provide info to collaborators + trigger emails when they reach certain checkpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll receive an email from me with further instructions (please check your spam… just in case!) for accessing this course. It’s hosted with the ThriveCart Learn platform.

Lessons are exclusively in short video format (all under 6 minutes in length) and include Closed Captions + the text Transcript. You’ll also have some screenshots for easy viewing of my settings so you can copy them.

You’ll only need a free Airtable account to utilize this course, which you can get by clicking here (Affiliate Link) and signing up.

I recommend investing in their “Plus” tier for $12/mo ($10/mo if you pay annually) for extra storage, custom branded forms, and longer revision history.

Hi, I'm Kimi Kinsey

Online Business strategist
I’m notoriously bad at following through and organizing myself, much less anybody else. But lucky for me, I found my way to Airtable and started using its powerful, built-in tools.

Before I knew it, I was organizing 20+ vendors and a heck of a lot of moving parts and information with ease.

And thanks to some smart automation, a lot of the work of reconnecting with vendors became pretty hands off – making me look so much more put together than I really am!

Let's get your collab organized!

Here’s a little reminder of what’s inside…