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Everything you need to know to make BIG money with the Amazon affiliate program – even with a new or small blog!

Tired of struggling to make mere pennies from the Amazon affiliate program? - if any at all...

I get it. The commission rates feel low and not worth the effort when combined with the highly competitive nature of the program. Other affiliate programs sound so much more lucrative on the surface, and you might be tempted to overlook Amazon as the incredible income source it is for most bloggers.
What if I told you Amazon could quickly turn out to be your top earning affiliate program?
Keep Reading… this is gonna blow your mind. 🤯

Why should you even bother with
Amazon's Affiliate Program?

Everything you need to become a successful Amazon Affiliate is explained in detail within this course.

Here's What You'll Get:

This is a complete Amazon Affiliate Course “From A to Z” – meaning it’s for affiliates at any stage… whether you’ve been an Amazon affiliate for a while and looking for advanced strategies, or you haven’t even signed up yet.

Okay, but what exactly is inside?

This section sets expectations (like the fact that this course is delivered using a combination of text, images, audio, and video). You’ll get invited to my Student only Facebook group too!

The advantages of joining the Amazon Affiliate program, and who can benefit most from the platform.

This is one of the bigger portions of the course – designed to make sure you have all of the facts before you apply to join the program including:

  1. How to Sign Up
  2. How Commissions & Payments Work
  3. How to Avoid Getting Banned
  4. Tracking sales
  5. Creating affiliate links
  6. Stuff to Avoid (Because they don’t work well)
  7. Why People Fail
  8. Using the program internationally

This section of the course focuses on content creation (blogging) so that you can write the types of posts that people would actually be reading before clicking on an Amazon affiliate link (rather than just directly opening up the Amazon app to shop around).

This is a particularly important module that covers topics like:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
  2. Types of Blog Content to write
  3. How to improve conversions
  4. Choosing Products
  5. Getting people to click on links
  6. and other important stuff you’ll only find out about if you buy this course
I can’t tell you what’s in this module because it’s the kind of genius stuff you’ll only get from me if you buy this course. I promise… it’s really good.

We’ll close off the course with some next steps – actions you can take to dive deeper into my world or work with me at a higher level.

Brand new to the program?

Get Started the Right Way

There’s rules to follow as well as best practices so you don’t get kicked out of the program. I want to see you set up for long term success.

We’ll start the course by covering everything you need set up before you apply, in addition to the basics of creating links that convert well, how commissions and payments work, and what to avoid so you don’t fail.

Not seeing consistent sales?

Let's Analyze Your Content

Testing, analyzing and testing again is an important key in affiliate marketing. You’ll learn how to determine what’s working for you (and what’s not) so you can make better decisions for your blog posts.

We want to improve on what’s already there and ultimately gain an understanding of the types of blog posts and linking combinations that work best for you.
Ready to amplify your earnings?

Advanced Strategies to the Rescue!

In addition to the basics, you’ll get my time-tested advanced strategies that you can try for yourself. You’ll receive a behind the scenes look into some popular blog posts, and gain an understanding of the mindset of those with intention of buying.

You’ll learn to write the types of blog posts buyers actually look for and click on so you can drive your traffic directly to the products they are looking to buy.

This is For You If...

This is NOT For You If...

Yes... You CAN Make Money - Even with Little Traffic

I decided to create a new website and on the 5th day, it made its first Amazon affiliate sale*.
*Amazon doesn’t show earnings until the purchase is shipped. The sale happened on the 5th day, but the earnings appeared on day 6.

You've got questions, I've got answers

If you plan to write for a niche in which you can recommend physical products as problem solvers that can be found on Amazon, chances are you can do really well with it. This course will cover everything you need to know about the program before you apply – including must-have pages. It’s an excellent pre-requisite to joining the Amazon Affiliate Program.

I don’t feel like it’s ever too soon to start thinking about monetizing your blog, and this course is going to get you started off on the right foot.

Nope. I’ll help you get started with that process! I’ll make sure you have everything set up so you can go into the application process with confidence.

YES! Don’t let this deter you. If you’ve been apart of the Amazon Affiliate program in the past and were removed because you didn’t make the required 3 sales in 180 days, this course is still for you!

You can brush up on the basics of what you need before applying again, and once you get your initial approval you can implement a few easy to set up strategies to make sure you get those required sales in no time!

It’s always the best time to buy my trainings – The price will go up as I continue to add value.

But if you’re super new to blogging and feeling unsure about this investment, I recommend checking out my free course to help you start your blog so you can get a sense of my teaching style.

No problem! See that chat bubble at the bottom of the screen in the right-hand corner? – That’s where you can strike up a quick chat with me to ask your questions. 😊

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Hi, I'm Kimi Kinsey

Online Business strategist + Affiliate marketing nerd
I used to struggle so hard with the Amazon program. Honestly, if I hadn’t joined the program a decade ago – long before some of the more recent rules, I would have been kicked out for sure. 😅

It was a long road to understanding how to make the program work for me… to identify the best practices when it comes to selecting products to sell, writing the types of blog posts people will look for and buy from, and ultimately getting people to Amazon so they can do their selling magic.

Now here I am… making great money from this high-converting affiliate program, and I’m excited to pass on the knowledge to you!

Let's make money from Amazon!

Here’s a little reminder of what we’re gonna cover…