Digital Advent Calendar Template

A drag ‘n drop, click to edit Elementor template for WordPress users.

Traffic On Repeat? Beautiful Collabs? Yes Please!

I love sharing freebies and special deals with my audience, but even more… I love ways of bringing repeat traffic to my website through the use of a Digital Advent Calendar!

Imagine being able to present a collaborative effort of fantastical deals in a way that makes you look totally put together – Your audience is going to “ooh” and “aahhhh” over every time they come back (and oh yes, they will come back!)

Digital Advent Calendar Made Easy

Keep ’em coming back every day to reveal the next special deal with your own Digital Advent Calendar! It’s easy to set up and comes with user instructions + tech tutorials!

  • Your download will be delivered to you via email + you’ll receive access to a setup course.
  • Because this is a digital product, all sales are final and non-refundable.
  • This template only works with self-hosted WordPress + the Elementor plugin. It will not work with

What’s Included…

This template was designed for being used as a digital advent calendar – a single page you can host your own event, and your audience can visit every day to see what the next offer, deal, or freebie is.

It’s an experience… and I wanted you to be able to create the one that fits you best! That’s why included in your purchase are different layout options which you can easily insert and replace to suit your needs.

Of course you’re going to get all of the tech tutorials you could ever need to make this template truly your own, but you’ll also get a bit of guidance and best practices to make using it super easy and fun!

+ Step by Step Video Tutorials

Save time searching for information on how to install and customize this template. I break it down in a few video tutorials so you can get started fast.

Each video is short ‘n sweet – broken down so you can watch only what you need to watch and nothing more.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I wanted this to be like, life-altering simple. That’s why I chose to create this template with the free version of Elementor (but there’s some optional content that requires “Elementor Personal” or better). All ya gotta do is buy the template, install it using the easy to follow tutorial, and get on with the click and change editing.

Yes, that means there’s no coding necessary. Change a little or change a lot, but it’s always gonna be click to edit, drag ‘n drop, and kind of fun to be honest.

It’s even mobile responsive… so it looks damn snazzy on people’s phones. No need for worrying about things like padding, margins, and if this is even gonna look right if someone is skimming Facebook on their phone and happens to decide to view your page.


Compatible with all themes

Video Tutorials

Help for every step

No coding required

I took care of that for you


Make it 100% your own

as seen in

I’m Kimi Kinsey

Online Business strategist + affiliate marketing nerd

I remember spending hours coding a page with a combination of short codes and HTML. I got to the end of it and realized it didn’t look right on my phone, and I literally sobbed.

I couldn’t imagine starting over, and I couldn’t even begin to dig through what I’d coded line by line to figure out what had gone wrong.

I’m not really a coder – just some self-taught former MySpacer that picked up some tricks along the way. Drag ‘n drop? Hell yeah… that’s much more my speed.

I took it a step further and designed this template for you – the one who doesn’t have time to figure all of this out and doesn’t want to worry about anything. Click and replace the images… change the colors. BAM – it’s in your branding!

Frequently Asked Questions

I will provide the template files, video tutorials and instructions for setup.

All you will need is a self-hosted WordPress website (sorry – isn’t going to work!), and to download the free version of the Elementor plugin.

Yup! You will get access to a setup course with video tutorials and directions for installing and customizing the template.

Pretty much everything to be honest. I recommend not messing around with the padding or margins if you aren’t familiar with Elementor, but otherwise… the sky’s the limit.

You can change colors, fonts, images, background images, button colors, and more!

Yup! It’s all free to use and I even give you some info on where to get more stuff you might enjoy having for your digital advent calendar.

You will receive a few emails after purchase, including a receipt, a welcome email from me, and another with your Student Dashboard registration information so that you can create an account (if you don’t have one with me already).

The template and trainings will be in your Student Dashboard at as an available product.

This template is specifically designed for use with WordPress + the free version of Elementor. It will not work with other content management systems.

In the event that there’s a major update that breaks the functionality of this template (hey, it happens… that’s tech for ya!) an updated template will be issued to you free of charge.

You’ll be emailed should this happen, and an updated version will be available for you to download in your student dashboard.

You will have unlimited access to the template and trainings.

Don’t see your question? Use the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to contact me.

Are you ready?

Get the template that’s going to save you lots of time, make building a Holiday Sales Page a breeze, and makes you money!