Stop spending too much time writing blog posts that don’t bring in traffic or earn you any money. Get the time tested, step-by-step blog writing strategy that works for every niche!

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Writing a great blog post that makes money is a heck of a lot harder than it used to be.

Successful blog writing involves a lot more research, strategy, careful consideration of your audience, and a whole lotta steps in 2021.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of work that goes into it. And do you even know if you’re doing all of this stuff correctly!?

What if blog writing was really easy?... If all the information were carefully laid out for you in simple to follow steps?

Keep Reading… this is for you who has been blogging by the seat of their pants 😅

Why would you even need blog writing strategy or a list of steps to follow?

The internet is a noisy place full of lots of bloggers just like you – not up to date on what’s working in the world of blogging, and not educated regarding strategies that convert every day people into readers of your content, and more importantly… people who click on links and spend money.

It’s become increasingly important that you truly understand the steps required to create the kind of blog post content that people are in search of – because if you aren’t using up to date blog writing strategies for 2021, you’re just wasting your time and not making money. Double bummer.

Everything you need to write the types of blog post content that attracts buyers to your website can be found in this course. 🎉
Or Enjoy the split payment plan!


Blog Writing Made Easy

This is a course on money-making blog writing strategy that's suitable for bloggers of any niche, and at any level of blogging.

It’s designed to give you strategy that covers every step in the blog writing process – so you can rest easy knowing that every phase has been completed to the best of your ability.

You’ll walk away from this course knowing:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely YES. In fact, I’d say that following my free course on starting a blog, this is the best starting point in your blog writing journey so that you aren’t wasting months of your time producing the wrong content.

I sure do! In fact, I’m hosting my annual 2 week Winter Holiday Blog Writing Intensive starting on Sunday, August 8th.

In addition to direct access to me in a pop-up Facebook group, you’ll be able to speak to me in a private call twice per week during “Office Hours” so you can get strategy and answers to your personal questions. This is highly valuable 1:1 time! 😊 

Your purchase guarantees you a seat, and free passage into every Live Round associated with this otherwise self-paced course!

You can reasonably sit down and get through the course contents in about 2 hours.

I recommend sitting through the contents of the course once, and then going back to individual sections as you complete each step.

Yes, that means you’ll spend time on this course, but it’s honestly better to spend this time now, rather than hours of your time doing it wrong, getting months down the road and realizing your blog post isn’t performing well…. blah.

I never make promises on results because it’s not like I can write the blog post for you. But I CAN show you exactly how I’ve written my blog posts and the mindset behind choices you’ll need to make for yours.

Your voice, topic, writing style… it’s all uniquely you. Results will vary. But you WILL walk away from this course armed with an understanding, an easy to follow road map, and the knowledge required to create good… no scratch that… GREAT content.

You will have access to this course immediately via your student dashboard.

You have access to this course for the foreseeable future, including any updates it receives. In the event this course is ever retired, you will continue to have access to course contents.

It’s always the best time to buy my trainings – The price will go up as I continue to add value.

But if you’re super new to blogging and feeling unsure about this investment, I recommend checking out my free course to help you start your blog so you can get a sense of my teaching style.

Simple Answer: No

More complicated Answer: No, but we will be talking about buyer intention and how that affects the types of blog content we create… which is the first step in good affiliate marketing practices.

Hi 👋🏻 I’m Kimi Kinsey!

Seasoned Blogger & Affiliate Marketing Nerd

I remember when you’d just sit down and write about your day. There was little competition, and you could build an audience quickly based on journal type content. Gone are those days… replaced by a long to-do list if you hope to produce a blog posts that brings traffic, and makes you $$$.

It’s overwhelming on a good day – and are you even sure you did it right? Like you just spent all that time writing… but are you sure you did everything you were supposed to, and it’s done the way that will yield results?

That’s why I created this course. It’s based on my own money-producing blog posts, and it’s how I write blog content that brings me traffic  and money every day.


How do I know this course works?

It’s based on how I write my blog posts!

This course was originally developed January 2020 and I heavily based it on blog content I wrote alongside my students. This one particular blog post made it’s first sale just 4 months after it was written…in the middle of a pandemic… despite being about a $400-700 automatic poop scooping device no one actually needs. 😅

Imagine writing blog posts that you can do this with again and again, month after month. Cha-Ching. 🤑

The Nice Words


I’m sooo glad Kimi said, “This is the way.” I can find out what people are already searching for before I write a post. I have the tools to structure the post to help searchers find it. I’m still new at this, and still working on getting the graphics/images, shares, and pins dialed in, but it’s super helpful that I can go back and review that info whenever I want.

If you’re new like me and want to start your blog posts off right, or if you’ve already got an audience but you’re not sure how to get more eyeballs on your content, definitely check out Kimi’s Blog Writing Made Easy. So glad I did!

– Jody Skinner

I just want to thank you so much for your honest feedback on one of my blog posts. I did all the recommendations that you provided, and ever since, that post has been my highest-ranking post on my entire site! I am even doing sales via affiliate marketing with Amazon! Every month I make a sale from this one single post! So, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-Maria Merced

Let's Write a Money-Making Blog Post Together!

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