Can you build, monetize, and grow a website in 30 days?

YES – It’s absolutely possible to build a website that functions so you can start growing your audience and monetizing in just 1 month.

I’m going to show you how I did it so you can follow along. And guess what? I’m gonna start with…

Yes, you CAN make money from a Brand New Website

(Even with Amazon!)

I decided to create a new website and realized 5 days into working on it that I needed to use it as a teaching opportunity… because on the 5th day, it made its first Amazon affiliate sale*.

*Amazon doesn’t show earnings until the purchase is shipped. The sale happened on the 5th day, but the earnings appeared on day 6.


The First 30 Days - How to Monetize a New Website

Take a look over the shoulder of a seasoned blogging professional and go behind the scenes to gain insight about:

This is for you if…

Frequently Asked Questions

Maybe… probably, but please read this carefully…

This isn’t a “Start a Blog” training. If you’re looking for that, you can find my totally free course here.

This is really a behind the scenes look at the things I do to start and monetize a new website and grow an audience… really low key stuff you can do in the first 30 days.

Nope! You’ll have access to all 30 days of the debrief for my blog “Simple Low Carb”.

However, I am working on a second blog which I will be adding to the content. I will add all 30 of its first days once I’ve been through them!

This isn’t a “how to do affiliate marketing” training. I think it’s quite likely that you will pick up on some golden nuggets of information as well as some cool tricks you can try on your website. But I have much more specific trainings for affiliate marketing if that’s what you’re looking for.

This is about showing you the actions taken so that you can follow a really simple roadmap.

You will have unlimited access to this training, plus any future updates and resources. I do not charge for added content!

Hi 👋🏻 I’m Kimi Kinsey!

Seasoned Blogger & Affiliate Marketing Nerd

I had an idea for a new niche website which also happened to present itself as a great teaching opportunity.

The longer you are in business and more successful you become, the easier it is to sort of fall out of touch with the realities of starting over from scratch. I wanted to put my trainings and know how to the test to see if I could grow an audience from ZERO and maybe even make some money along the way.

So every day for 30 days I have chronicled this journey, and I’m really excited to share the big results with you!

Kimi Kinsey Summer 2021 (1)

Wanna see me grow a new website?

Follow along and experience the first 30 days of my new website’s growth.