How to Build a Free Resource Library
Let’s ditch the password protected page and opt for creating an open library of resources that grows a list of subscribers we’ll actually get to know and can effectively market to!

You want to grow your email list... and you want to make money, right?

A Resource Library is a fantastic way to attract your ideal audience and entice them to sign up for your freebies… landing them on your email list.

But you worked hard on that free content – Don’t you think you deserve more in return than an email address?

Of course you do! And with my strategy, you’re gonna get more out of your subscribers… like understanding who they are, what they have an interest in, and what exactly they want from you.
Exchanging a password for an email list only tells you one thing: People like free stuff!

Duh. Of course they do. Let’s do it my way and get to know them better!

Here's what we'll do instead...

We’re going to focus on creating the kind of library that shares valuable content, while collecting your own valuable information about subscribers in return.

This Free Training is for you if you want to learn:

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Hi 👋🏻 I’m Kimi Kinsey!

Seasoned Blogger & Affiliate Marketing Nerd

I remember when I first learned about free opt-ins 6 years ago and the mad dash I made to create all sorts of free stuff – convinced that it was “the way” and that it would somehow be the magic thing that grew my email list and made me lots of money.

I made a library page, threw a password on it, and waited for people to sign up to be on my email list – convinced it was going to be the game changer in my business.

News flash… It wasn’t. In fact, it made a huge mess of my email marketing efforts for years! I didn’t know a damn thing about my subscribers.

No one gave me a strategy to pair with all the stuff I was making. That was something I had to painstakingly figure out for myself. And now, I am passing on the torch to you and showing you how to skip over all of those stupid mistakes.

Let's Make Money with Your Resource Library!

Here’s a little reminder of what we’re gonna cover…