Link in Bio Tools are watering down your brand and taking your traffic!

Your social media is a reflection of you and your brand. So why would you put a link in your bio (arguably your most important asset) to a webpage meant to share important links and information that’s using someone else’s branded elements?

Sounds crazy when it’s laid out for you like that, right? But every time you use a “Link In Bio” third party tool, you’re watering down your brand and sending your traffic to someone else.

With this easy to use drag ‘n drop template for Elementor, you too can have a beautifully designed, on brand, mobile-responsive link showcase for your social media bio – perfect for Instagram, TikTok, and anywhere you’re limited to a single “Link In Bio”.

Accurate traffic referral information matters…
Stop sending your hard-earned clicks to another company’s website!

There are lots of tools out there that promise easy solutions for providing your social media followers with a page for accessing your most important links. The problem is that they skew your traffic analytics and as a customer, you serve as free advertisement for their service.

The simple solution is to host your own page with all of your latest and most relevant links… anywhere you want to direct your incoming traffic to go. But it needs to be just as easy, right? You don’t want to have to code a bunch of stuff or for it to be difficult to edit later.

Now you can have your own page – completely branded and authentically you. It’s perfectly mobile-responsive, and super easy to update whenever you need to!

Here’s what you’re getting…

Link In Bio Page Template for Elementor

Share your self-hosted page of links anywhere – particularly on social media platforms (like Instagram!) where you’re limited to 1 “link in bio”. This template is exclusively designed for mobile use using the free version of Elementor – making it perfect for any WordPress user.

  • Your download information will be delivered to you via email + you’ll receive access to a setup course.
  • Because this is a digital product, all sales are final and non-refundable.
  • This template only works with self-hosted WordPress + the Elementor plugin. It will not work with

What’s Included…

This template was designed to make easy to share what’s most important to you – Links to your newest blog posts, your upcoming launch, and even how to follow you on other social media channels.

Your purchase includes everything you’ll need to customize the template to reflect your branding and style – you will truly be able to make it your own. It even comes with handy setup videos!

+ Step by Step Video Tutorials

Save time searching for information on how to install and customize this template. I break it down in a few video tutorials so you can get started fast.

Each video is short ‘n sweet – broken down so you can watch only what you need to watch and nothing more.

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I wanted this to be like, life-altering simple. That’s why I chose to create this template with the free version of Elementor. All ya gotta do is buy the template, install it using the easy to follow tutorial, and get on with the click and change editing.

Yes, that means there’s no coding necessary. Change a little or change a lot, but it’s always gonna be click to edit, drag ‘n drop, and kind of fun to be honest.

It’s even mobile responsive… so it looks damn snazzy on people’s phones. No need for worrying about things like padding, margins, and if this is even gonna look right if someone is skimming on their phone and happens to decide to view your page.


Compatible with all themes

Video Tutorials

Help for every step

No coding required

I took care of that for you


Make it 100% your own

Wanna Make It Yours?

You can customize it to your branding and really make it your own!


Some of the nice words people say

I’m Kimi Kinsey

Online Business strategist + affiliate marketing nerd

As if I need another subscription to yet another friggin tool. My tech stack is heavy enough without adding in something I could just as easily host on my own website and have way more control over.

^ If that sounds like you too, then you’ll love this template. It’s just one less thing to have to constantly pay for, and you can control exactly what’s on there, and most importantly… what’s NOT (Goodbye “Powered By _____” type nonsense – you’re not a walking ad for someone else’s business!).

Frequently Asked Questions

I will provide the template files, video tutorials and instructions for setup.

All you will need is a self-hosted WordPress website (sorry – isn’t going to work!), and to download the free version of the Elementor plugin.

Yup! You will get access to a setup course with video tutorials and directions for installing and customizing the template.

Pretty much everything to be honest. I recommend not messing around with the padding or margins if you aren’t familiar with Elementor, but otherwise… the sky’s the limit.

You can change colors, fonts, images, background images, button colors, and more!

You’re welcome to use the template “as is”. You aren’t required to change the colors, fonts, etc… but it’s likely you’ll want to!

You will receive a few emails after purchase, including a receipt, a welcome email from me, and another with your Student Dashboard registration information so that you can create an account (if you don’t have one with me already).

The template and trainings will be in your Student Dashboard at as an available product.

This template is specifically designed for use with WordPress + the free version of Elementor. It will not work with other content management systems.

In the event that there’s a major update that breaks the functionality of this template (hey, it happens… that’s tech for ya!) an updated template will be issued to you free of charge.

You’ll be emailed should this happen, and an updated version will be available for you to download in your student dashboard.

You will have unlimited access to the template and trainings.

Don’t see your question? Use the chat icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to contact me.

Are you ready?

Say goodbye to that unnecessary subscription and hello to your own easy to use, customize, and edit Link In Bio Page .