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Because it's time for you to feel about your visual content.

Learn how to connect the dots between marketing and design to
increase your brand visibility and sales.

You have to make an impression

Don't waste those precious moments. Dazzle them with your visual marketing instead.

Ask yourself some important questions...

  • Do I constantly feel like my graphics aren't as nice as those of my competitors?
  • Have I been nervous (and maybe even a little ashamed of) sharing my content because I feel like my graphics are lacking?
  • Am I struggling to create a cohesive, beautiful brand because I just can't seem to make nice looking graphics?
  • Am I spending too much time trying to make graphics that may or may not convert?
  • Do I worry about whether or not people will want to buy my eBook because it's not as well designed as others like it?
  • Are my lack of design skills keeping me from growing my online business?

If you can say 'YES' to any of these... then this course is for you.

Learn how to design graphics that make an impact from an industry professional.

Stand out online just by following straightforward design principles that take your content to the next level.

Marketing Through Design base Logo

Marketing Through Design is a self-paced, self-guided course that will teach you the fundamentals of graphic design, with an emphasis on the needs of the every day blogger and online business owner.

You’ll learn everything that you need to know about designing graphics – from the the most basic design principles, to putting them into practice to create the types of graphics you need most.

This course has information that can be applied no matter what design program you’re comfortable using, but also offers software specific tutorials with intention of providing you with guides for the programs that fit each project best.

You’re going to learn how to make eye-catching graphics (the good kind!) that carry your brand message, attract your audience, and convert into sales.

Here's what's covered...


Design principles and how they apply to creating graphics for your website.


Color theory and how to apply it for creating a breathtaking brand.


Appropriate tools for each project type, and why they are the most effective.


The importance of brand recognition, and how to apply your brand across the web.


Call to actions – what they are, and how to use them effectively to prompt your audience.


The importance of brand recognition, and how to apply your brand across the web.


Appropriate font usage, best pairings, and how to use typography correctly.


How to create your first social media graphic from start to finish – Pinterest, Facebook, etc.


How to create a cohesive Instagram feed without needing a stock photo subscription.


Creating your first opt-in freebie – how to make an interactive PDF + create mockup graphics.

Graphic Design
Made Easy

Follow along and learn all the best tricks for making graphics the easy way.

Video Content

Watch me create the most commonly used graphics for your blog - again and again.

Design secrets
+ cheat sheets

Unlock the secrets to great, efficient design + some helpful cheat sheets.

Instagram Phone

Do you wish your Instagram feed looked more

I'll teach you how the pros do it - even if it's just pictures of your kids (or your cats... whatever you've got).

I'll be taking you step by step, showing you how to put together a cohesive, follow-worthy Instagram feed that you can be proud to share. There's even video tutorials!

Make your email list

Opt-Ins so good, people won't hesitate to sign up!

Learn how to use InDesign to create flawless, interactive PDFs - cheat sheets, workbooks, and eBooks that attract your ideal subscriber. Plus get a video tutorial and resources for creating mockups like this one!

PDF Exmaple
Converting Pin Images


Gorgeous pin images that convert

You'll learn to design eye-catching images for Pinterest that convert into traffic and sales using my tried and true design methods.

Who is this course for?

This course is for...

  • Bloggers and Online Business owners who want to learn how to create their own graphics
  • Those seeking to start from the beginning with the fundamentals of graphic design
  • People who don't feel confident in their graphics
  • Those seeking to create well-designed graphics that express their brand message and convert

This course is not for...

  • Those not interested in investing their time and energy into learning graphic design
  • Bloggers and Online Business owners with no desire to attract an audience or make more sales
  • Those who are content hiring out for graphics
  • People who are okay with blending in and don't feel like they need better, more professional graphics

About Your Instructor...

I'm Kimi Kinsey, and I'm here to teach you graphic design stuff.

I'm a 30-something year old graphic artist, wife, cat + dog mom working from her home office in the Charleston, South Carolina area. I come equipped with over 10 years of design experience (where does the time go!?) and it's my mission to share it with you!

Frequently Asked Questions (and the Answers)

Because this is a self-guided, self-paced course, you can start it any time and take all the time you need.

This course is in development. If you sign up to be added to the wait list, you”ll be emailed when this course is available at a special, beta price.

How’s forever sound? Once you buy this course, it’s yours to access whenever. You’ll even get course updates.

This course teaches a lot of fundamentals of design that don’t require that you use a specific program. That said, there’s also learning materials associated with Adobe programs – namely Photoshop, Lightroom, and InDesign.

That’s totally up to you. Depending on your level of dedication, and ability to grasp the concepts taught in this course, you might take a week… you might take longer.

I offer a 30 day money-back guarantee. If this course isn’t what you thought it was, or it didn’t help you improve your graphic design skills, I will refund you your money and remove your access from the course.

Absolutely! This course was designed to cater to bloggers and online business owners of any stage.

I want to learn how to design better graphics.


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