You love the idea of writing a blog, but you have no idea where to start.

There’s lots of information out there – too much in fact, and it’s overwhelming. Where the hell is the list of “Here’s the things you need and what exactly to do step by step”?

It's time to start the blog of your dreams

Let’s turn your ideas and passions into profit!

You’ve got so many ideas floating around in your head and a passion building up inside. You feel like you just need to write it all down and change the lives of people who you know are waiting to hear all about your life experiences.

But let’s be real… There’s a lot of confusing information out there and you don’t understand what you need to set up to make this happen.

That’s why this free course exists – to get you understand what it means to be a blogger, manage expectations, and most importantly… get started quickly (and pain-free!).

This is it. The totally free course that's going to get you started in the blogging world - the right way.

What will you learn?

You will walk away from this course confident that you’re headed in the right direction. You’ll choose your major topics of interest and get an understanding of who you serve and the problems you can solve for them. But it’s not just the “what”… I want you to walk away with everything you need to actually start blogging today – including getting set up with a website URL, and a functioning WordPress powered website!


Kimi Podcast

I’m Kimi Kinsey

Long time blogger and strategist

I’ve been blogging a long, long time and while a lot has changed about it, one thing remains constant: There’s a lot of totally crap information out there.

I have loved every moment of being a blogger for the last… oh gosh… it’s been 15 years! But the truth is, it took a lot of time to get to the place I am now. I know you ain’t got that kinda time, so I put together this free course to save you a lot of headache (and months of your life).

I strive to create what I call “fluff-free” content, and to me that means not jerking you around. I’m gonna tell you like it is and give you clear directions – what to do, how to do it, why you’re doing it that way.

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