"I f*cking ❤ affiliate marketing. I'm actually making money from my blog posts now."

You, after you take this course

You like the idea of blogging, but you're worried that it's not really going to earn you any money.

There’s all this talk that “blogging is dead”, and you hear so many complaints that people aren’t really making any money from it unless they “blog about blogging”.

Well, I’ve got two very important things to say about that…

Blogging isn't dead, and I make lots of money blogging about an electric cat poop box.

Blogging has changed a lot, and you can no longer expect to make a butt load of money writing journal style, and virtually confessing your feelings into the void of the internet.

You need a clear understanding of what makes good great content, and how exactly to cater to those who are primed to click on links and buy stuff.

Here's where I come in. I'm gonna teach you:

What exactly is inside?

This section sets expectations (like the fact that this course is delivered using a combination of text, images, audio, and video). You’ll get invited to my Student only Facebook group too!

Exactly what it sounds like – We’ll start with the basics of Affiliate Marketing so that we’re on the same page in terms of how this monetization works, what all of the fancy words mean, and important legal stuff you need to take care of before you start making money selling products in your blog posts.

We’ll take your first big step into affiliate marketing by choosing what to sell, finding affiliate programs that fit your niche, and joining lucrative networks.

This section covers what you need to know about problem solving content and how what types of blog posts you write ultimately affect your success as a blogger.

You’ll get a look at the 5 types of blog posts you should be writing, plus a relevant case study from my own websites of varying niches as examples. You’ll be able to see exactly what I do in my blog posts and use the same strategies.

If you’re tired of earning pennies every month (if anything at all!), this is going to be your favorite module. We’ll cover some deeper strategies to assist with link visibility and placement, plus some neat tricks I use to entice people to click on links.

This is a breakdown of some incredible tools that will assist you with writing blog posts faster, organizing your affiliate links, and ultimately making every blog post you write a powerful money-making machine!

It’s more than just a list of “here’s stuff I use”, but also video tutorials to show you how these tools work in your favor, and how you would use them.

We’ll close off the course with some next steps – actions you can take to dive deeper into my world or work with me at a higher level.


This is For You If...

This is NOT For You If...

You've got questions, I've got answers

This course is hosted on the ThriveCart Learn+ platform and the lessons are a mixture of text, images, audio, and video.

All audio features playback control, so you can speed me up, slow me down, or even download the audio for later.

Videos feature playback control so you can speed me up, slow me down, or jump ahead. You can also turn on Captions if you need them.

I think understanding blog monetization from the start is really important. Even if you aren’t yet ready to join programs and monetize officially, there’s a lot of value in understanding what types of content will produce good, money-making results… which is something this course covers.

It’s always the best time to buy my trainings – The price will go up as I continue to add value.

But if you’re super new to blogging and feeling unsure about this investment, I recommend checking out my free course to help you start your blog so you can get a sense of my teaching style.

Nope! While this course does have a sort of “Crash Course” (which I recommend to anybody honestly), it also contains more advanced strategies to help you improve your conversions (aka make more monies).

No problem! See that chat bubble at the bottom of the screen in the right-hand corner? – That’s where you can strike up a quick chat with me to ask your questions. 😊

You want testimonials?

Students Say Nice Words

“The affiliate for bloggers course was just what I needed. There were so many mistakes that I was making with affiliate marketing that I did not even realize. Kimi gave really detailed explanations of how to find affiliates and how to set up your posts for increased conversion.”

– Amara Uche

I love the way Kimi breaks everything down into simple steps that you can easily implement on your blog. With this course, I wasn’t a newcomer to affiliate marketing but wanted to get some kind of system in my approach. That’s exactly what I now have and am starting to regularly include relevant affiliate links – and get clicks!! If you are new to affiliate marketing or even have experience, I would recommend this course to help you get clear on what and how you are doing it!”

– Angela Tempest

“Kimi Kinsey’s Affiliate Marketing class has taken my blogging to an entire new level. With over 10 years experience in blogging in multiple blog niches, I thought I had everything figured out. I didn’t. Kimi’s affiliate marketing class has allowed my blog to become monetized with just a few simple steps. Kimi talks you through all of it. I recommend this class to any blogger—any niche.

– Alyssa Garcia

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Hi, I'm Kimi Kinsey

Online Business strategist + Affiliate marketing nerd

I’ve been a professional blogger for a lot longer than I even want to admit (dare I show my age 😅), but it’s long enough that I’ve seen and thrived through the changes in the blogging world, and I’m here to share the wisdom and strategy that pays my bills.

Affiliate Marketing is a marathon, and I don’t want to see you waste 6 months or even years trying to make this whole blogging thing work, all the while maybe earning a couple of dollars per month.

Ready to earn affiliate income on autopilot from your blog posts?

Here’s a little reminder of what we’re gonna cover…