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Courses / Trainings

Easy money-making that will blow your mind

Affiliate Sale Booster Page System - $200

Boost affiliate sales with a single page designed for giving your audience an easy shopping experience that cuts out the noise. Use it during major shopping dates, or anytime of year for a fast affiliate cash injection.
Creating super fans

Product Ecosystems - $100

Empower your audience to make choices for their business, help them achieve their goals, and create super fans that ultimately spend more money (and bring their friends in too!).

Small actions with big results

The First 30 Days Debrief - $50

Let’s start from scratch – no blog posts, no traffic, no email list. Take a look over the shoulder of a seasoned blogging professional and go behind the scenes of starting and monetizing a new website in 30 days.

Big affiliate money

Amazon Unlocked - $200

A complete Amazon Affiliate Course “From A to Z”. It’s for affiliates at any stage… whether you’ve been an Amazon affiliate for a while and looking for advanced strategies, or you haven’t even signed up yet.

Fun Event Hosting with big results

Digital Advent Calendar System - $200

Organize an event collaboration (or do it solo) that creates a sense of urgency, excites your audience, and entices people to subscribe and buy through the use of a digital advent calendar any time of the year!

Hard-working free content

Money-Making Freebies - $80

Your guide to creating the kind of resources that people flock to and excitedly absorb… bringing them face to face with multiple buying opportunities to boost the potential of making sales from your freebies.
create traffic building content

Blog Writing Made Easy - $200

Stop spending too much time writing blog posts that don’t bring in traffic or earn you any money. Get the time tested, step-by-step blog writing strategy that works for every niche!
Updating blog posts

Blog Post Refresh Guide - $100

A step by step roadmap for updating your blog posts. If that sounds at all like something you need, then The Blog Post Refresh Guide is probably going to be right up your alley.

Pow! Right in there wallet

Holiday Content 101 - $50

Use your blog posts to tap into seasonal trends and draw money-spending traffic to your website with the perfectly compact holiday blog writing strategy guide that packs one heck of a punch!
Goodbye Client work…

Pivoting to Passive Income - $150

Overcome your fears about making the jump from freelance to passive forms of income. This mindset training will help dislodge those deeply embedded  reasons you’re stuck in trading your time for money.


Inbox Sweep Method for Gmail Users - $50

The easy (and totally safe) way to get your inbox cleaned up and back to zero! You’ll learn my tricks for organizing your Gmail so that you never miss another important email.


Your Resources and Tools on Display!

Resources Page Template - $60

Share your free content and favorite resources so that you can make money while you sleep. This template makes organizing your free opt-ins and affiliate links easy, fun (and dare I say pretty!?)
Traffic On Repeat? Beautiful Collabs? Yes Please!

Digital Advent Calendar Template - $70

Keep ’em coming back every day to reveal the next special deal with your own Digital Advent Calendar! Collaborate with others, or go it alone to produce a fun event that can build traffic and grow your email list.
Show up everywhere

Link in Bio Template - $30

Share your self-hosted page of links anywhere – perfect for Instagram, TikTok, and anywhere you’re limited to a single “Link In Bio”. This is perfectly mobile responsive and easy to update to fit your brand.


From confused to confident in a day

Quick Moves Strategy Call - $200

Imagine being able to ask questions of an experiences business owner and gain clarity… conquering your specific hurdles. You’ll join me for a “Day of Voxer” and get to chat with me throughout the day walkie-talkie style – giving you time to ask questions, reflect, and implement… even if you gotta stop to feed the dog or change diapers.



How to Build a Free Resource Library

The correct way to create a resource library that attracts new subscribers, while also allowing you to understand and nurture your new found audience for the right, money-making offers.

For the total newbie blogger

Start a Money-Making Blog

How to start your own blog from scratch. Get step-by-step processes (perfect for absolute beginners!), do the pre-blogging prep work to help you manage expectations, and access to the tools you’ll need.


Passive Promotion Guidebook​

You’ll get insight, guidance, and resources so you can begin incorporating passive forms of promotion to strengthen your business presence and build a scalable, money-making business you love!

Increase your list size

Free Opt-In Page Template

Say goodbye to guesswork with this pre-designed Elementor template and hello to a growing email list. This drag ‘n drop template is mobile responsive, fully customizable, and fun to use!

Wanna Collaborate?

I’m interested in more “on the road” type collabs where I get to connect and teach your audience – while also helping you make the sale.

If you have a growing and engaged audience who you believe could benefit from a workshop setting where I teach them an introductory into any of my courses, please reach out to me at and let’s see what we can accomplish together!

Some ideas I have:

  • Being a guest expert in your group or membership
  • Offering a “sneak peek” training as a stepping stone
  • Freebie Swaps – We promote each other’s freebies